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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I thought I might take a minute and do a little update. So here it goes. Life is sure different with out that special some one to talk to and to be with. After 40 years, I am having to do some real adjusting. I think I am doing pretty good thanks to the continued support from my family and friends. I am back to work for a while and that really helps and I have a gaurdian angle that has help me again with a little financial help and now I know I will be able to pay the bills for another month and then I should have enough to make it through the rest of the year. I know he will be rewarded for his extended love and I hope to be able to some how repay him someday.
I don't know what I will do when the harvest season is over but right now I just want to take it a day at a time.
Yes, I have been talking to a few gals and most of them have come and gone as we just didn't hit it off together. There is one that I have gotten to know a bit and just having people to talk to helps to keep my mind from going crazy.
So life goes on and I guess I will to. It is never easy but gets better. I have some of the cd's of Patsy organ recital that we made and if you want one and have not received one please let me know and we will get one out to you. Bob and Margo if you read this I will get yours in the mail.
But I have lost your address so please get back to me.

Ok That is enough. Thanks again for all you have done, RAZ

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The end to the journey!!!

Well fellow travelers, I think we have arrived at our destination. Our dear Patsy has moved on and I suppose we should do the same. Patsy and I often joke that she was Pat Rasmussen and I was Pats husband. That is a roll I was happy to do. While I wasn't the center of attraction as she was, I was the one that got to be there by her side and I will miss that.
I feel very good that with your help, we did everything that we could to take care of her these last few years. I believe she knew how much we all loved her. I hope someday to be able to let everyone of you know how much your support has meant to us.
As I look back over the last few years, I am so glad that I had the opportunity to take of Patsy. A promise to her that I would not have been able to keep without the financial and other support that I received from family and friends along the way. I learned an awful lot about life and death during this journey and I think I learned a little bit more about love.
My life has sure changed this last month. I went from 24/7 taking care of Patsy to being here by myself. Believe me when I say that I would much rather be taking care of her as tough as it was then to be here without her. But some one has other plans I guess.

So, we all got together for her memorial on Saturday and I think it was a great time. Patsy would have enjoyed being there and probably did. Thanks to the help from my family for helping with Patsys funeral cost, and the money they spent making her CD, we are starting the future with a clean slate. Another, thing that Patsy said she didn't want to do was to put us in debt with her passing. I hope that everyone is at a good place with the help that you have given us.
I had enough money to buy the food and the paper plates and utensils. Carey say she is okay with the money she has for the CD's and the only thing I think I need to do is square up with Connie for the work they did on the CD's.
I also had enough to pay all my sept bills before the money ran out and I hope to start work this week.

So I think this is a good place to park the rig. Patsy is gone and a knew life starts for her and for me. Patsy will be missed by every one but know one more then me. Her talents brought smiles to thousands of people but know one more then me. For those that knew her they loved her and for those that didn't know her, you missed being with a special gal.

A final thought before I close. My kids and family were all a big help to me. But I want eveyone to know that I could not have made it through with out the love and help from my three daughters. They were with me when Patsy passed away and when ever I needed something along the journey. Christy would come in the middle of the night if i needed help with Patsy and Carey has to listen to me on skype because I don't have anyone to talk to sometimes. And my baby Katy was holding Moms hand when she left us even tough she live thousands of mile away.
You have made me and Patsy very happy and we will never forget what you have done. I love you very much.

So, Patsy, you will be missed. You will never be forgotten. I miss you so much. But it is time to close your blog and let people move on.


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Almost Here!

This Sat 1:00pm Pot luck Casual dress Weiser city park. Spread the word.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Monday, August 29, 2011

Just a few more days and the celebration for Patsy

Hello everyone it is time for another update. First of all, we had a camping trip with the kids this last weekend and I think we had a great time. Good food, good weather, and good stories. Patsy would have really enjoyed it. I miss her so much and times like that I miss her even more.
We did create a new story for future campfires. Marty and chad wired a light into Chad and Careys camper while they were off on a 4 wheeler ride. Then they wired it to a remote control device that they could control at the campfire. Shortly after they went to bed, Marty started turning their light on and off. I have not laugh like that for a long time. It will be a good story for years to come.

Ok, so things are coming together for Patsys memorial on Sat. The cd is being made and Carey is making a photo to be put in the case. I have ordered the chicken and will be picking up paper plates and utensils and bottled water. I have set the time from 1 to 5 but I think if people come closer to 1 the food will be better and if the crowed leaves earlier, we can get to our homes a little sooner.

I don't all the answers but I think Patsy will be there with us and I know she will enjoy seeing everyone. We will have plenty of cds available and if you can not come, please let us know if you want one and we can send one to you.
For those that are not familiar with Weiser, get off the freeway at exit three and head north on hwy 95 to weiser. In weiser, turn left at the maverick and go about 4 blocks to the LDS church. Turn right and go one block and you will be at the park. We will be at the pavilion.

Thanks again for all the support as our journey starts to come to an end. I could not have done it with out you. RAZ

Friday, August 19, 2011

A day at a time!!!!

People always ask how I am doing!!!! That is a tough question. I think that because it was such a long battle with Patsy that I am doing better then if she had just died like I friend on Ride Idaho. I can really feel for Connie and her family.
That being said, I have my good days and my bad days. I keep thinking it must be time for her lunch or when was the last time I changed her and does she need to be turned. I took down the bed that was so much a part of our lives the last year.
I have tried to give the kids all of her things and have kept only a few special things and pictures. In a small RV it is hard to put things behind you when it is all around you.
I find that staying busy is the best medicine for moving on. Ride Idaho was great fun and good medicine. With the exception of one day where I got worked up and started crying and could not stop, we stayed busy enough that I had little time to think much about Patsy.
Selfishly, I would do anything to be able to give her a bath or comb her hair or feed her lunch. But I know that she would not want to be like that and that makes me happy for her. She used to get so mad that she couldn't make it to go potty without waking me and she so wanted to do things without my help. I can just imagine what she was thinking these last 2 years.

So, yesterday I ordered chicken for the celebration that we are having for Patsy on Sept 3rd. I will have chicken and water and paper plates and utensils. If you could bring a potatoe salad, or a desert or something like that, we all should have a great lunch. I am waiting to hear about the CD that is being made. I will have one for all that want one and if we run out, I will take orders and send them out.

I am really looking forward to seeing all of you. You all have been such a big support to me and the family. NO SUITS OR DRESSES A time for celebration!!!!! Patsy will be there with us and this is what she wanted. RAZ

Monday, August 15, 2011

I'm back

Thanks for being patient with me. I have been doing a bunch of things to stay busy. For those that know me, it is not fun to be alone. I am the type of guy that enjoys a relationship and being by my self has been a little tuff but I am trying to move on.
I went and did Ride Idaho with the ham radio guys and we had a pretty good time. Our day started at 5:30 each day and went until we went to bed at about 9:00 each night. I put about 1700 miles on the rig through some of the greatest scenery in the world. It was good to stay busy and of course I had Chad and Carey and Cooper with us on the ride to keep me out of trouble. It was a good time. We did have a few problems including and accident on the first day that had Carey driving to Sun Valley to get a lady sowed up. The third day had me taking one to Arco to get another lady a few stitches. but the worst happened on sat. The last day of the ride. Connie Shell is a volunteer and has been on the ride with us for years and her husband and her daughter do the ride. He died in his sleep friday night and it was a sad day. Carey and I spent the morning holding them and helping them while we waited for the coroner and funeral director to get there. Then I loaded them up in her car and drove them back to meridian. Carey drove my van. Why me??? I was having problems dealing with my own loss but I had to step in and help them and was glad to do it.
So, we got Patsys tape to the audio guy and Connie listened to it before she took it and said the audio sounded pretty good. I think a lot of people are going to want one. I am looking forward to seeing you all on Sept 3rd. We are having chicken prepared for everyone and will have water and drinks as well. If you want to bring something to go with that, Great!!! Remember. this will be a time to celebrate the life of a great lady so lats of smiles please.
I am helping Marty build his house. I built the pony wall today and will start laying the floor joist tomorrow and get the deck on. I am going to try to hold on until the harvest starts and then get back to work.
I want to thank you all for all the kind words and the help that you have given. You are all special to me and I mean that. That is all for now, RAZ